Remote Mount Clutch Master Assembly

Bore: External Clutch Slave (0.75" Bore)
Sale price$310.99


Remote Mount Clutch master cylinder assembly

  • Wilwood Billet 4oz Reservoir with bracket
  • Wilwood Non-Integral Girling Style Clutch Master Cylinder
  • 6AN Pushlock Straight Hose end
  • 6AN - 6AN ORB 90 Fitting
  • 6AN Male Banjo with 7/16-20 Bolt Aluminum Fitting

To Determine bore size on a Backdraft roadster look into the driver side of the engine bay, and check the bellhousing for a clutch fork and slave installation. If the vehicle is equipped with an internal hydraulic throughout bearing instead of a traditional slave and fork, we recommend a 0.70" bore clutch master. OE bore is 0.75" and it's recommended for vehicles with a traditional slave cylinder and fork.

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